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Pool and Billiard Authority Since 1963 


Jeff Taylor

Jeff Taylor is the second generation of Edison Billiard. He bought the business from his Father, Howard Taylor in 2000 and ran it until his passing in 2020. Jeff has operated Edison Billiard for 35 years. He began shooting pool before he was tall enough to see over the table, standing atop a milk crate.


Scott Taylor

Scott Taylor has worked at Edison Billiard full time since he was 18 years old. At age 12 he started to get off the school bus here and has since become an expert in the Billiard Industry.  Co Owner Edison Billiard LLC.


Jordan Burns

Jordan has worked here at Edison Billiard since 2010. Jordan is a Championship Certified Billiard Technician. When he isn't out delivering and installing tables he is here working in our Custom Table shop.  Co Owner Edison Billiard LLC.