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Edison Billiard and Cycle was originally founded by Howard W. Taylor. In 1963 he wrote about the opening our location, and he tells the story of our humble beginnings better than most could.


In 1957 we decided we would like a pool table for our family room. I purchased an old one which had to be refinished and reconditioned. When I finished it I had so many comments from people wanting to buy it that I finally sold it at a profit. Then I went to work to find another and another etc.      


  In 1961 I got to the place I couldn't find old tables to recondition so I began to manufacture my own champ line tables as a part- time job. This seemed to work out better and give me more satisfaction with a quality product. By knowing the specifications from repairing tables it was easy. My big problems were where to buy slate, rail stock, and other items I needed.


By 1964 I was using two part-time helpers, making approximately fifty pool tables a year and was still employed at Eaton Mfg. In 1965 I began manufacturing pool tables full time, producing approximately one hundred fifty tables per year with two full-time employees. We added five dealerships including Brunswick, Fisher, and A.M.F.  Also in 1965 we added a summer fill-in, motorcycles, first Peugeots and later Yamaha motorcycles. The two types of businesses worked well together, in late 1967 we added Norton and Moto Guzzi.


In 1970 we built a new 80’ x 80’ brick building to house both businesses and added Triumph Cycles. This gave us ample display area for all our products as well as better facilities for inventory and service area.


My son Jeff who used to shoot pool standing on a stool, and grew up as errand boy, now manages the showroom and assists in the buying of tables.


Service and repair experience are my best sales aid. I enjoy dealing with the public. In most cases they would refer to us as “pop and his boy” for a table or a bike.


In 1980 we built a new 40’ x 80’ brick building which will later be used as a showroom, but is now used as inventory back- up.  Quantity buying allows for better pricing for our customers.


In 1985 we now employ two motorcycle mechanics, two office personal, and two people in sales and ordering. 


I love having a family business.  My sales are now to the second generation of customers. A few years ago we sold to Mom and Dad, now we sell to their children and even grandchildren. Our service and reputation are what we pride ourselves on the most. 



Things continued on much the same for some years, adding Jeff's son Jeffery 'Scott' Taylor Jr. into the business as he grew up.  By 1998  there were three generations of Taylor's working at Edison Billiard.


In 2020 the third generation took over. Jeffery Scott Taylor Jr. and Jordan Burns. Continuing our Family business as we have been show to do over the years. Greatly missing our fathers before us. Enjoying making, buying, selling pool tables. There is a lot of satisfaction in Building a pool table and having a happy customer.

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